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A surgeon operates for double chin surgery

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Sculpting Your Silhouette With Double Chin Surgery

Double chins are an extremely common concern for both men and women. That being the case, they’re also an extremely common source of insecurity. While there is no reason to be ashamed of a double chin, it doesn’t have to feel like it’s out of your control. It can be difficult to prevent a double chin from developing, but it’s not impossible to get rid of. 

A double chin often makes people look older and heavier than they truly are. We offer customizable options for double chin surgery at Turkle & Associates to rejuvenate your overall appearance and enhance your natural beauty by sculpting your chin to your natural contours.

Why do double chins develop?

Contrary to common misconceptions, developing a double chin is not always due to weight gain. People can develop a double chin for a variety of reasons, including weight gain, aging, and genetics.  

Many of our patients seeking double chin surgery at Turkle & Associates are at their ideal weight and have struggled to get rid of stubborn fat under the chin (submental fat). This deposit of fat can be especially resistant to dieting and exercise. In cases like this, surgery can be the most effective option for un-doubling your chin. 

But fat isn’t the only cause of what we commonly refer to as a double chin. Loose skin is another common culprit for accentuating the appearance of double chins. Skin laxity, or loose skin, is a natural result of skin aging. As we get older, a combination of gravity and decreased collagen production causes our skin to lose its youthful elasticity and firmness. Fortunately, we offer options for double chin surgery that can address excess fat as well as loose skin. 

What is double chin surgery?

Reducing and eliminating your double chin can involve a number of different surgical procedures. These surgical solutions for double chins can include a facelift, neck lift, and face and neck liposuction, as well as a combination of these treatments. 

Who is double chin surgery for?

The best candidates for double chin surgery are in good health, over the age of 18, and have realistic expectations for the procedure and overall process. It’s important to keep in mind that double chin surgery is not intended to help you lose weight and is most effective for patients who are close to their ideal weight.

The best way to get a clear and detailed idea of which surgery or surgeries would work for you is to schedule an in-depth consultation at Turkle & Associates. One of our plastic surgeons will examine the potential treatment area and ask you about your unique needs, goals, and expectations for treatment.

Once we’ve gathered all the information we need, we’ll be able to make well-informed recommendations for achieving the results you want and need from your double chin surgery. 

Your Options for Double Chin Surgery

At Turkle & Associates, we customize the double chin surgery process to the unique needs of each of our patients. The specific procedure we use to treat your double chin will depend on your needs and goals for treatment.

A top choice for double chin surgery

Not all treatments will focus on the same aspects of a double chin, and it’s important to note that they are not interchangeable. But at the end of the day, all double chin surgeries do accomplish the same basic goal—reshaping the chin area. This can be accomplished by removing excess fat, adjusting the skin, or both.

The following treatment options are not intended to be understood as entirely separate alternatives. They’re often combined to deliver the best possible results. 


A facelift can be used to improve a wide range of aging- and skin-related concerns, but it can also be used as a double chin surgery. The procedure is highly customizable but often involves fat removal, muscle tightening, and skin lifting. Our plastic surgeons achieve the skin lifting and tightening effect by removing portions of the skin and then reattaching the remaining skin.

The incisions for this type of double chin surgery are usually made at the base of the chin or near the ears. Like most surgeries, facelifts tend to leave permanent scars, but these scars usually fade over time. Our expert plastic surgeons also do everything in their power during the procedure to minimize scarring. 

A facelift at Turkle & Associates costs $10,705 and up, and the procedure generally lasts 3 to 6 hours. The duration and cost of the surgery can vary depending on the unique needs of the patient. Many of our patients choose to combine their facelift with other surgeries. 

No two patients will experience the same healing journey after their facelift, but excellent results are usually evident within 6 weeks. Full healing may take 6 to 12 months, but our patients begin enjoying their results long before then. Your results will become much more noticeable once the swelling and bruising have decreased and the incisions have begun to heal.

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions for aftercare to follow after your surgery. Following these instructions will help you get the most out of your investment in double chin surgery—your investment in renewed confidence.

Neck Lift

Another option for double chin surgery is a neck lift. A neck lift is a surgical procedure that primarily deals with loose skin on and around the neck. Not all patients needing double chin surgery will need a neck lift. This will depend on the individual needs of the client.

By removing excess skin in the neck area, a neck lift can dramatically improve the appearance of your profile and take years off your appearance. The skin on your face and neck are closely related, and aging-related concerns that affect one area often affect the other as well. For this reason (and others), most of our patients at Turkle & Associates rarely choose to get a neck lift without also getting a facelift. 

Facial & Neck Liposuction

While excess submental fat is not the only factor contributing to the appearance of a double chin, it’s often the most prominent. One double chin surgery that we use to remove unwanted chin fat at Turkle & Associates is facial and neck liposuction. This surgery can be performed on its own or in conjunction with a facelift or neck lift.

A woman consults about liposuction and double chin surgery

Liposuction involves making a small incision and using a special tube called a cannula to suction out unwanted fat. We can generally perform this double chin surgery in our Indianapolis office.

Performed on its own, facial and neck liposuction costs $3,100 to $3,500 and typically takes about an hour to complete. Our patients usually begin to fully enjoy their transformative results 3 to 4 weeks after their surgery. By that time, the healing process will have progressed enough for the results to become evident. However, complete healing can take 6 to 12 months.

Every patient’s healing journey will look different, but it can take time for swelling to go down and for deep tissue and the incision to heal. Always be sure to follow all aftercare instructions to a T to help ensure a smooth recovery and protect your developing results. 

Are there nonsurgical alternatives to double chin surgery?

We do offer nonsurgical alternatives to double chin surgery at Turkle & Associates and at Phases (our skin care and laser center). It’s important to note, however, that alternatives do not produce identical results.

At Turkle & Associates, our expert injectors can reduce the appearance of your double chin with Kybella. Kybella injections permanently destroy fat cells using a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a substance produced naturally by your body to help break down and digest fatty foods. Unlike double chin surgery, multiple Kybella treatment sessions are usually needed to achieve your best results.

The nonsurgical alternatives available at Phases include Ultherapy, RF microneedling, and CoolSculpting. For the right candidates, these nonsurgical alternatives to double chin surgery can deliver excellent, natural-looking results without scarring. These results are typically less dramatic than the results from surgery, and they can take significantly longer to develop and become noticeable after treatment.

Ultherapy uses micro-focused acoustic energy to stimulate collagen production. This creates a lifting and tightening effect on the skin being treated.

RF microneedling combines RF (radiofrequency) thermal energy and a series of controlled micro-injuries to stimulate a robust healing response (while also stimulating collagen) without causing lasting damage to your skin.

A provider performs coolsculpt, a double chin surgery alternative

CoolSculpting, on the other hand, uses sub-freezing temperatures to quite literally freeze your fat away.

Our team of medical and aesthetic experts will always make sure you’re aware of and fully informed about your options for getting rid of your double chin and getting back to living confidently. 

Ready for Your Double Chin Surgery? Get Started Today

Turkle & Associates is a premier provider of double chin surgery in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Dr. Jan Turkle is a top plastic surgeon in Indianapolis and is dual board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Like his mentor (Dr. Turkle), Dr. Brandon Specht is a highly skilled aesthetic surgeon and is also dual board-certified.

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