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Important Steps to Finding Your Breast Reduction Surgeon Near Indianapolis

Deciding to get cosmetic breast surgery is a personal choice and people pursue it for many different reasons. Some are cosmetic and some are because their breasts cause physical discomfort. Most patients who pursue breast reduction surgery are doing so because enlarged breasts are deeply impacting their quality of life. 

The benefits of breast reduction surgery are both physical and mental. Many of our patients tell us that they feel much happier and more confident after their breast reduction procedure. It’s important to find the right surgeon for your reduction so that you can enjoy those benefits without risks or complications. 

At Turkle MD & Associates we see patients from across the region who want to feel more at home in their bodies through breast augmentation, revision, and reduction. As a breast reduction surgeon near Indianapolis we see both women and men for breast reductions

What should I look for in a breast reduction surgeon near Indianapolis?

As with other cosmetic procedures, it’s important to look for a well-qualified surgeon when you’re planning for your breast reduction. Plastic surgery is always life changing, you want to make sure it’s a positive change—a well qualified surgeon can do that. 

Board certification

The first thing to look for is a breast reduction surgeon that is board certified. Being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery means that a surgeon has passed rigorous oral and written examinations and demonstrated safe, ethical practice for several years. 

Further, a board certified surgeon has to have extensive knowledge of plastic surgery practices in their entirety. The ideal breast reduction surgeon will be familiar with all types of cosmetic breast surgery, and be able to consult with you on the best options for your body.

Dr. Janet Turkle has been certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. More than that, she is a Top Doc for Cosmetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive surgery.

High-quality surgical facilities

You also want to be sure that your surgery will be completed in an accredited facility. Facility accreditation means that a practice has to have adequate staffing and a clean, fully equipped operating room.

Along with proper accreditation, our facilities at Turkle MD & Associates are designed with patient comfort in mind. 

Experience and trust

It’s important that your chosen plastic surgeon also inspires a high degree of trust. Cosmetic surgery can be a vulnerable experience. You want to feel comfortable asking any questions and feel like your doctor has your best interest at heart. 

At Turkle MD & Associates we pride ourselves on prioritizing our patients’ comfort and education throughout their time with us.

What to expect during breast reduction near Indianapolis at Turkle MD & Associates

At Turkle MD & Associates all of our treatment plans start with an in-depth consultation with your surgeon. We take the consultation process very seriously, we always want our patients to know what to expect from their cosmetic surgery experience. From their first phone call to final follow up, our patients can count on the support of our team.


During your consultation your provider will learn about your medical history and your goals for breast reduction. It’s our chance to get to know you as a human first and a patient second. We want to make sure that we understand your aesthetic goals and your expectations for your cosmetic procedure. We’ll discuss how much of the breast tissue we are planning to remove and answer any questions you have about the process. 

As part of your consultation, your breast reduction surgeon will discuss the type of incision to be used in your surgery. The incisions will be visible as scars after the surgery, but are usually well hidden with a bra or a swimsuit and fade significantly over time with proper care.


You can expect your breast reduction surgery to take 2 to 3 hours depending on your personal circumstances. The operation is performed under anesthesia.

After making the incision per your treatment plan, your surgeon will remove the tissue and reposition the breasts. In some cases the nipple will also need to be repositioned. Your doctor will discuss all of this prior to your surgery. 


The results from your breast reduction will be immediately visible and you can expect to enjoy them for many years. As your body heals you will continue to see improvements in the months following your surgery.



It’s important to keep in mind that major weight changes can affect your results, as well as the aging process. Wearing a supportive bra and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will allow you to enjoy your breast reduction results for the long term.


Why people pursue breast reductions

Many people who pursue breast reduction aren’t doing so for purely cosmetic reasons. While one of the benefits of breast reduction surgery is often improved self confidence, there are a number of physical benefits too.

Get better sleep

Finding a comfortable position to sleep in can be difficult with larger breasts, and some patients resort to wearing uncomfortable bras while they sleep. After breast reduction, patients sleep more comfortably and restfully.

Enjoy a more active lifestyle

Larger breasts can cause discomfort during physical activities. Many patients who receive breast reductions are able to enjoy more active lifestyles after the procedure because they are no longer experiencing back pain.

Experience chronic pain relief

In some cases, larger breasts can roll the shoulders forward and compress nerves. Some patients experience neck, back and shoulder pain due to the weight of their breasts before reduction. Once their breasts are smaller, patients often report improved posture and less neck,back, and shoulder pain. 

Increase your confidence

All of these physical factors can also improve the emotional quality of your life after a breast reduction. It’s often easier to find more flattering clothes and you can feel more comfortable and confident in your body.

Who is the ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Anyone who is 18 or over, in good general health, and unhappy with the size of their breasts is an ideal candidate for breast reduction. Ideally, the patient will also be within 10 to 15 pounds of their goal weight. Weight gain or loss after your breast reduction can affect your results.


Scheduling a consultation with a breast reduction surgeon in Indianapolis is the best way to figure out your ideal treatment plan. 


It’s possible that some patients would benefit more from a breast lift, or a combination reduction and lift, to achieve optimal results.

What is the difference between a breast lift and a breast reduction?

The main difference between a breast lift and a breast reduction is what the procedure is removing. 


A breast lift removes excess skin in order to move the breasts to a higher position on the chest and typically doesn’t change the size of the breasts. 


A breast reduction removes excess fat and glandular tissue to decrease breast size. The breast is also lifted with this procedure as well.


Oftentimes, a breast surgeon may combine these two procedures for a patient. After removing volume from the breasts (in the form of fat and tissue) there will be excess skin that needs to be tightened as well.

What’s the difference between a breast reduction and a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure for patients who are looking to increase the size and improve the shape or symmetry of their breasts using implants. This procedure is not typically combined with breast reduction.


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What’s the difference between breast reduction and breast revision?

Breast revision is typically performed for patients who have already had a breast augmentation and received breast implants. A breast reduction is focused on making breasts smaller, but a breast revision surgery also might include implant revision or removal, improving nipple irregularities, or evening out breast size.


What is recovery like after breast reduction surgery in Indianapolis?

Breast reduction is an outpatient surgery, so you don’t need to plan for a hospital stay. When your procedure is complete, your breast reduction surgeon will provide you with the necessary aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing.

Be sure to ask your surgeon specific questions about what you can expect during your personal recovery period.

Most patients are able to get back to their normal routine within about 7 to 10 days. Your activity may be restricted for up to 6 weeks. Avoid strenuous activity until cleared by your doctor.

Some swelling is normal and it’s possible that your surgeon may include a drain to help remove excess fluid during the healing process. 

Many patients opt to schedule their breast reduction during the cooler months. Bulkier clothes can camouflage swelling and reduce sun exposure, and there’s plenty of time for recovery before warmer weather returns.

Dr. Janet Turkle is a premier breast reduction surgeon near Indianapolis.

If you’re ready to start the conversation about how you might benefit from breast reduction surgery, you can schedule your consultation today with Turkle MD & Associates.

We’re proud to serve patients from Indianapolis and beyond! We often have patients travel in from out of town for their procedures. Either way, Turkle MD & Associates is dedicated to your patient experience. From your first phone call to your final follow-up, our team will ensure your total comfort and safety throughout the process.

We often combine breast reductions and other plastic surgery procedures, such as liposuction or tummy tuck, and/or labiaplasty. This combination of procedures is often called a “Mommy Makeover” when performed after pregnancy, but is available to all eligible patients.

If you’re unsure of which procedures would address your individual concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or try our virtual consultation tool.

Our virtual consultation tool is a self guided process that allows you to select your areas of concern and receive personalized recommendations emailed to you.

Try a virtual consultation

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