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The Turkle & Associates Guide to Breast Implants

The size and shape of your breasts is a deeply personal matter, and it can be an emotional sore spot for some women. Some may feel unhappy or inadequate due to their natural breasts, and others may feel self-conscious after receiving breast-altering medical treatment. 

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning to accept what you’ve got, breast size and shape can also be adjusted as a matter of preference. 

At Turkle & Associates, we’re here to help you feel empowered by giving you control over the size, shape, and feel of your breasts. We provide a selection of the best breast implants available to help you transform a source of insecurity into a reason for confidence. 

What Are Breast Implants?

A breast implant is a device used to adjust the shape and size of your breasts. Breast implants are most commonly associated with breast augmentation, but they can also be added to a mastopexy procedure.

Types of Breast Implants


The appearance and feel of your breast implants are largely determined by the material they’re made out of. We offer a variety of options to give our patients maximum control of their results.


The least expensive type of breast implants are saline implants. These implants consist of a silicone capsule filled with sterile saltwater.

Responsive Silicone Gel 

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone, a plastic gel, and are widely considered to imitate the feel of natural breast tissue. 

Soft Touch Cohesive Gel (Semi Gummy Bear)

Soft Touch cohesive gel is our most popular type of breast implant at Turkle & Associates. Semi gummy bear implants give you the stability and feel of true gummy bear implants at a lower cost. 

Cohesive Gel (Gummy Bear)

Firmer than traditional silicone implants, cohesive gel breast implants are known for being “form stable.” This can be credited to cohesive gel being thicker than silicone gel.

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Ready to Enhance Your Breasts? Get Started Today

Turkle & Associates is a premier provider of breast lifts and breast augmentations (both of which can involve breast implants). Dr. Turkle is a top plastic surgeon in Indianapolis and is dual board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Schedule your consultation to get started.

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