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The Run Down on Arm Lifts: Arm Surgery for Loose Skin

The arms are notorious for excess fat and skin that simply won’t go away—no matter how much you try to tighten and tone using natural and noninvasive methods.

At Turkle & Associates, we provide arm surgery for loose skin and excess fat to help our patients achieve their dream physique and regain lost confidence.

What Is an Arm Lift? 

An arm lift (also known as a brachioplasty) is more than just an arm surgery for loose skin; it’s a surgical solution for rejuvenating and enhancing the appearance of your arms by removing excess fat and skin. 

Skin laxity (loose skin) and stubborn deposits of fat on the arms can be caused by several different reasons. Some of these reasons include genetics, aging, weight gain, and weight loss. This combination of cosmetic concerns most commonly affects the upper arms—the target area of arm lifts.

The Arm Lift Process 


There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to plastic surgery. At Turkle & Associates, every treatment journey, from breast lifts to arm lifts, begins with a thorough consultation. The purpose of that first appointment is to gather the information we need to create a treatment plan. Each treatment plan is designed to fit and support our patients’ needs, goals, and budget.

During your consultation, your surgeon will ask you about your needs, treatment goals, and medical history. They’ll examine your upper arms. Then, they’ll walk you through what to expect from your arm surgery for loose skin and excess fat.


Arm lifts are an outpatient procedure, so you won’t have to stay at the hospital overnight. The procedure typically lasts about 3 hours, and patients are monitored for a couple of hours after their surgery before being sent home to recover.

During the surgery, your surgeon will remove excess adipose fat from your upper arms, remove loose skin, and tighten the remaining skin. The type of anesthesia used (general or local) may vary depending on the needs of the patient. 


The amount of downtime you’ll need to take will largely depend on the type of work you do, but some of our patients at Turkle & Associates need as many as 7 to 10 days for recovery after their arm surgery for loose skin and excess fat.

Arm lift surgery will leave a permanent scar, but our surgeons are highly skilled at minimizing scarring, and the scar will fade over time. 



After your arm lift, you won’t be seeing any more of the sagging skin that made you second-guess wearing short sleeves. 

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Considering Arm Surgery for Loose Skin? Get Started Today

Turkle & Associates is a premier provider of brachioplasty, an effective surgery to tighten loose skin on the upper arms. Dr. Turkle is a top plastic surgeon in Indianapolis and is dual board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Schedule your consultation to get started.

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