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Jeuveau Treatments in Carmel: What You Need to Know

If you’ve found yourself looking in the mirror lately and seeing more noticeable lines and wrinkles, you may be wondering what you can do about it. Perhaps you’re familiar with neurotoxins like BOTOX®, but not sure which one is right for you.

At Turkle & Associates, we are always working to bring you the latest and greatest selection for treating signs of aging. We’re happy to announce that we now offer Jeuveau treatments in Carmel!

What is Jeuveau®?

Also known as “Newtox,” Jeuveau is the most recent neurotoxin injection on the market. Like other injectables, it is used to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles. It’s FDA approved and has been safely used in medspas across the country.

Jeuveau treatments in Carmel are quick and require no downtime. Patients are often able to come in on their lunch break and then continue on with their day!

What does Jeuveau treat?

Jeuveau can be used to treat those classic areas of concern, like forehead wrinkles, crows feet, and the 11s (lines between the eyebrows). These are the most popular treatment areas.

Our clinical staff is highly trained and experienced, which means we can also offer injections around the mouth, neck, and jaw to give your face a refreshedlook. 

During your in-depth consultation, your injector will be able to talk through the possibilities for the areas you would like to have treated. We’re always happy to give our advice and recommendations!

What results can I expect?

With popular treatments like Botox, it may take up to a week for results to become noticeable. Jeuveau offers patients a more immediate result, taking effect within just 3-4 days. 

Your individual results depend on your body’s unique metabolism, but most patients can enjoy the results of their Jeuveau injections for 3 to 4 months before needing their next treatment.

We’re here for you

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Turkle & Associates and helping you on your cosmetic journey! We offer many options for your plastic surgery needs as well as non-surgical treatment options.

Not sure what type of treatment you’re looking for? Learn about the differences between surgical and non-surgical cosmetic options, and how to choose. You can also use our virtual consultation tool to help you get started!

Give us a call to set up your consultation today, or feel free to schedule it online.

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