woman getting an injectable in Carmel
woman getting an injectable in Carmel

Jeuveau in Indianapolis

A new alternative to BOTOX


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$12.00 per unit

Recovery Time

0 Days

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We’re happy to announce that Jeuveau injections are now available in Indianapolis! Jeuveau, also known as “Newtox,” is the newest neurotoxin injection on the market. It’s used to smooth your skin by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles. Dr. Janet K. Turkle and our clinical staff are highly experienced injectors—and our patients love their results!

Jeuveau is used to soften lines and creases in the forehead, lines in between the eyebrows, and crows feet wrinkles around the eyes. Due to our advanced training and experience, we also perform advanced injection techniques and can treat lines around the mouth, above the outer corners of the eyebrows to give a subtle brow lift, the chin to minimize dimpling, the neck to reduce age related banding, or the masseter muscles in the jaw to give the appearance of a slimmer face.

Whatever the specific purpose, we’re sure you’ll love the results of your Jeuveau.

Treatment Details

What it Treats

  • Forehead Wrinkles, Lines, & Creases
  • Lines & Wrinkles Between Brows
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Lines Around Mouth
  • Dimples
  • Bands in Neck
  • Masseter (Jawline)
  • Eyebrow Corners (Brow Lift)



Female or Male
18 or older

Procedure Time

10 to 20 minutes


Recovery and Downtime

0 days

How it Works

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The medical staff at Turkle & Associates possess an intricate understanding of how Jeuveau can be used as a tool to erase years from your face! After getting Jeuveau in Indianapolis, our patients often tell us they love their newly refreshed and rejuvenated look.


Long term, this neurotoxin can actually help prevent the formation of deep lines and wrinkles in the first place!

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