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We Launched Our New Website!

To better serve our new and returning clients, we’ve been working with Lifted Logic, an award-winning web development firm in Kansas City, to design and launch a new Turkle & Associates website.

And now for the best part: We’re proud to announce our website is officially live!

Better Resources, Better Looks

We believe our clients’ decision to improve how they look and feel deserves special attention, which is why we crafted our new site to provide even more personalized service in the form of easy-to-access resources, information, and inspiration. Here’s a quick look at our favorite additions to the new site:

“Create a beautiful website that helps people feel beautiful themselves? I’m in! From start to finish, I was beyond excited to work on this project. This crew’s dedication to helping others love the way they look was pretty darn inspiring.”

— Todd Smidt, Operations and Project Manager at Lifted Logic

Check Out Our Site

The only thing that could make our new site even better is you! Take a few minutes to explore the new features, resources, and experiences on the Turkle & Associates website. Have questions? Comments? Interested in booking a consultation? Don’t hesitate to contact our plastic surgery specialists today.

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