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plastic surgery

Tummy Tucks for Moms: Turkle & Associates

Are you struggling with the feeling of knowing you have that “mom stomach”? Have you had a kid or two and just want your old body back? We completely understand! 

You have the opportunity to see your body—especially your tummy area—how it used to be. Here at Turkle & Associates, we have the experience and knowledge to truly get you where you want to be in your health and aesthetic journey. With a full or mini tummy tuck, excess skin and fat can be removed from your abdomen, resulting in a stomach that is smoother and flatter.

Our Solutions for You

Having a child and being pregnant is a wonderful, unforgettable experience, but there are several changes that happen to your body once you decide to have a baby. 

After pregnancy, you may notice that your stomach doesn’t lie flat and that you have loose skin in your abdominal area. This is natural, as your body has to stretch to accommodate a growing child.

But those changes that your body undergoes don’t have to be permanent. If you’re unhappy with your post-pregnancy contours, a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, can help restore your figure.

Mini or Full?

Many don’t realize that they have two options when it comes to a tummy tuck. The most well-known kind is a full tummy tuck, but we do offer mini tummy tucks as well.

Mini tummy tucks often leave behind smaller scars. They are typically better suited for individuals who don’t need the extensive transformation of a full tummy tuck. The decision as to whether we perform a full or mini tummy tuck will depend on the amount of loose skin and excess fat in the abdominal area.

We always sit down with prospective patients for an in-depth consultation prior to their procedure. Only after discussing your overall lifestyle, budget, goals, and medical history will we determine the right approach to your tummy tuck. During this discussion, we’ll also make sure you understand the procedure, the anticipated recovery time, and what results you can expect to see.

How are they different?

In a mini tummy tuck, there will be a smaller incision as opposed to that of a full. This is because the surgeon doesn’t need to reach as much abdominal muscle and tissue. We’ll only be addressing concerns in the area below the navel, not the complete abdomen.

A full tummy tuck involves a longer incision and addresses more of the abdominal area. Should your pregnancy have resulted in diastasis recti, or the separation of muscles in the abdomen, your surgeon can rejoin those muscles during a full tummy tuck.

Generally, the procedure is relatively similar, whether you’re receiving a full or a mini tummy tuck. Before your procedure general anesthesia will be administered. The appropriate incision is then made, and the surgeon will begin to expertly remove the excess skin and fat. Once complete, Dr. Turkle uses an advanced suturing technique that eliminates the need for cumbersome and inconvenient drains. 

Some Information to Consider

Pre-Care: Before Your Operation

Smoking before or after surgery increases the visibility of scarring and causes problems with healing. Because of this, we require that all patients cease the use of nicotine products (including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and all other products containing nicotine). This should last at least four weeks before and four weeks after having a mini tummy tuck or a regular, full tummy tuck.


Additionally, keep in mind that you’ll need to maintain a stable weight both before and after your procedure. An abdominoplasty is not considered a weight loss procedure; therefore, you’ll want to be near or at your goal weight prior to your procedure. Going forward, your lifestyle should also support a healthy weight in order to maintain your results.

Finally, our team strongly recommends waiting to have this procedure done until you are finished having children. Because your body will go through further changes with an additional pregnancy, the results of an abdominoplasty could be impacted, potentially requiring another surgery. 

Post-Care: Afterwards

You should plan to take off work for 10 to 14 days after your procedure. This may vary depending on the type of work you do and your surrounding environment. If you work from home, you may be able to return to work sooner. However, you will likely have a longer recovery time before returning to work that requires more extensive movement. 

Now, when it comes to water-related activities, expect to wait to swim or sit in a bath until your wounds are completely healed. This may take up to three weeks, so pay attention to when your incision appears to be healed.

Also, when it comes to exercising, you will be able to walk after your procedure. Anything more than a slow, easy walk—like running, cardio, or weight lifting—should all be abstained from for at least two weeks. All restrictions will depend on your unique procedure and recovery. 

We will discuss all post-care instructions to help reduce your recovery time as much as possible. The timeline is different for everyone, but proper preparation and care will help you return to your normal routine sooner.


Following a tummy tuck in Indianapolis, patients can expect a flatter, smoother, and more contoured stomach. Afterwards, we often hear from patients that their clothing fits better and they feel much more confident in themselves, especially during swimsuit season!

One of the greatest benefits of having a surgical procedure is the permanence of the results. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution for loose skin in your abdomen after pregnancy, an abdominoplasty can make sure it’s gone for good. A healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise regimen can help ensure your results last for years to come.

How About a Full Mommy Makeover?

Not only do we offer tummy tucks for those mommies who are self-conscious about their loose stomachs, but we also offer a complete mommy makeover!

You can get a mini or full tummy tuck and also pair it with other procedures, including:

  • Liposuction
  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Labiaplasty

Before Liposuction


After Liposuction


Each mommy makeover is a highly personalized procedure. Pregnancy affects each person differently, so the procedures you receive in a mommy makeover will be selected based on your particular areas of concern. However, the goal is always the same—to restore your confidence and create the figure you’re hoping to see in the mirror! 

Embracing your mommy body is amazing, but sometimes you need a little boost of confidence, and we are here for that!

Meet with our experts to talk about your areas of concern and learn about the possibilities. We will be able to recommend some of the best treatments for you. If you want to address sagging stomach skin or breasts, we can put together the right plan for you. If you’re looking to restore your body’s contours, we can also make that happen.

All of this and more can be planned and resolved when you sign up for a consultation with our providers. 

Basics About Us

Our expert providers take pride in offering compassion, empathy, and kindness right alongside our state-of-the-art procedures and treatments. This promotes a confidence in the patient’s appearance that then extends to all other aspects of life. 

Patients from all over Indiana travel to see us as their go-to, top medical spa. From skin rejuvenation to body contouring, our highly skilled team is deeply invested in providing the care you deserve.

Meet our two board-certified plastic surgeons and the fantastic Turkle & Associates team that serves patients to give them the best care and results possible!

Dr. Turkle


Dr. Janet Turkle is known as one of the top plastic surgeons in Indianapolis and Carmel, Indiana. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Medicine. She is honored to have been named a Top Doc for Cosmetic Surgery in Indianapolis. You will also find her a Top Doc in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Specht


Dr. Brandon C. Specht is a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon. Early in his pursuit of becoming a doctor, he was fortunate to be mentored by exceptional surgeons, including Dr. Turkle.

Since early in his career, aesthetic surgery has been a priority for Dr. Specht, who enjoys the creativity and utility that plastic surgery provides for patients.

Looking for a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck Near You? 

Turkle & Associates is a premier provider of tummy tucks in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Dr. Turkle is a top plastic surgeon in Indianapolis and is dual board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Looking your best at every age will not only make you look your best, but will also make you feel your best. Schedule your consultation to get started today!

Not ready for an in-person visit? Our virtual consultation tool makes it easy to get started anytime online. Answer a few questions about your areas of interest, and you’ll receive personalized recommendations just for you that will help you prepare for a consultation with Dr. Turkle or Dr. Specht.


Virtual Consultation Tool

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