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Do you perform any advanced injection techniques for Botox?

Absolutely! We invest much of our time and resources every year to ensure our licensed medical injectors have access to all the education they need to provide patients with advanced treatments.

This extensive training gives us the ability to provide Botox in Indianapolis, using techniques like:

… injecting Botox around the mouth to give a subtle lift.
… injecting Botox around the chin to reduce dimpling.
… injecting Botox in the Platysmal bands in the neck to reduce the signs of aging.
… injecting Botox in the lateral brows to give a subtle brow lift (also known as a Botox brow lift).
… injecting Botox in the masseter muscles (jawline) for facial slimming.
… strategizing the long-term care of patients with repeat injections over a period of time.


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