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Have you ever wished you could take fat from one area of your body and add it to another? This popular fantasy has come to life for many of our patients in Indianapolis. The process is called fat transfer. A fat transfer procedure takes fat from your own body and then strategically re-injects it into the skin to enhance fullness, fill deep creases, and build contour on the face or body.

A fat transfer procedure includes three basic steps:

1) A brief liposuction procedure to extract fat from one small area of your body

2) Purification of the fat

3) An injection of this fat into the appropriate areas

Patients from across the state travel to see our highly trained surgeon, Dr. Janet K. Turkle, for fat transfers using advanced techniques.

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  • Face
  • Body



Female or Male
18 or older

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Your fat transfer in Indianapolis will be preceded by an in-depth consultation to help you understand the procedure, recovery time, and expected results. We will discuss your overall lifestyle, budget, and medical history. From there, we’ll create a care plan that works best for you.



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We’ve heard from patients across Indiana who choose the fat transfer procedure and are highly pleased with their results afterward!

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