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plastic surgery

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Thigh Reduction In Indianapolis

Stubborn fat can be a cause of concern for any man or woman and it makes sense to want to get rid of it. When you’re trying to choose between a surgical cosmetic treatment and a non-surgical option, there are several factors to consider.

At Turkle & Associates, we work with each of our patients to make sure they know the options available to them when it comes to achieving their aesthetic goals. 

What to consider when choosing a treatment

Your Budget

Often non-surgical thigh reduction in Indianapolis will have a lower cost than thigh fat removal surgeries like liposuction.

Recovery Time

Non-surgical thigh reduction can come with little to no downtime. Liposuction comes with some recovery time.

Expected Results

Results from a non-surgical treatment will take time and won’t be as dramatic as a surgical solution for thigh fat removal in Indianapolis.

Benefits of non-surgical thigh reduction

No recovery period

Treatments like CoolScultping and Physiq don’t have any required downtime. You can go about your normal day immediately after your treatment sessions. 

Subtle results over time

Surgical results will be noticeable almost immediately (i.e., after any swelling goes down in a couple of days). There are some benefits to having more subtle results over time—it may be less noticeable that you’ve “had work done.” It also gives your body more time to adjust to the changes.

Great for smaller areas

If you’re only looking to treat a small area, you may not need to go through surgery to get the results you want. 

Why might you choose a surgery like liposuction instead?

One-time treatment

Rather than going through a series of treatments, surgery is just a one-time commitment.

See results sooner

Results from liposuction are almost immediate after post-surgery swelling goes down. Of course, you will still have an extended recovery period.

To remove more fat

Liposuction works well for patients who have a larger amount of fat than is treatable with non-surgical options. Although, it’s important to remember that liposuction is not meant to be a weight loss method.

Interested in learning more about non-surgical thigh reduction in Indianapolis?

Turkle & Associates is a premier provider of plastic surgery located in Carmel, Indiana. We’re proud to serve the Indianapolis region and beyond! 

If you’re interested in thigh fat removal in Indianapolis, we offer both surgical and non-surgical thigh reduction methods. We want to provide the best results for each patient based on their unique goals, whether you’re looking for the best treatment for saddlebags or want to explore all our body contouring treatments.

Request an appointment to get started.

Not quite ready to visit us in person yet? Try out our virtual consultation tool. You can self-select your areas of interest, learn more about our treatment options, and receive customized recommendations right to your email.

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