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expert labiaplasty plastic surgeon near me performing labiaplasty


What to Look For In a Labiaplasty Surgeon Near You | Plastic Surgery Experts in Carmel

No matter the reason for your labiaplasty procedure, finding the right surgeon for the job is incredibly important. Due to the intimate nature of the surgery, your surgeon should have a carefully crafted combination of skill, compassion, and trustworthiness, and will guide you through the process every step of the way. 


At Turkle & Associates, we pride ourselves in helping people feel more comfortable in their own skin. We believe that starts with exceptional patient care. From the second you walk into our office to the moment you leave, we promise to treat your unique concerns with respect and meticulous care. Our abundant experience allows us to offer insight on what to look for when deciding on a labiaplasty surgeon near you

A compassionate team

Any and all surgery requires you to put trust into a medical care professional. However, because of the intimate nature of a labiaplasty, how you choose your medical team is particularly important. 


Trust your gut when seeking out a labiaplasty surgeon near you. Check surgeon’s about us pages to see if the ideals of their practice line up with yours. 


Look for someone who is more than happy to answer all of your questions, and who will prepare you on what to expect from your surgery. If at any point you feel rushed, pressured, or like your opinions are disregarded, look somewhere else! 

An extensive consultation process

It’s normal to be excited to get the actual procedure started as quickly as possible, but an extensive consultation is incredibly important for many reasons. 


For one, the consultation is an opportunity to make certain you feel comfortable with the surgeon and the entire medical team and facility.


Second, the consultation allows us to truly get to know you, your aesthetic goals, desired results, and lifestyle factors that may affect the procedure. This gives us the opportunity to completely customize your treatment plan for optimized results.


During the consultation, we are also able to help you understand the procedure and manage your expectations. A trustworthy labiaplasty surgeon in Carmel will never try to sell you unreasonable expectations or unattainable results. At Turkle & Associates, we always keep you as informed as possible about results, recovery, risks, and benefits of the surgery you’ll be undergoing. 

Before and after gallery

Any trusted surgeon with a ton of experience is going to offer you the opportunity to look through a before and after gallery of their previous work. You’ll want to make sure to see those photos to ensure the quality of work prior to booking your appointment. 


These photos will also help you understand the labiaplasty recovery timeline. Your surgeon should also walk you through the labiaplasty recovery process to help you feel comfortable with the surgery from step one to the final results. 

Schedule your consultation today

Are you ready to meet your labiaplasty surgeon? Dr. Turkle and her entire team have performed hundreds of labiaplasty procedures with absolutely fantastic results. We take great pride in creating a space for our patients to feel completely safe before, during, and after their procedure.


If you’d like to meet with Dr. Turkle, schedule a consultation today! We can’t wait to discuss your goals and customize a treatment plan to get you there. Reach out to us! We can’t wait to meet you. 

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