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Breast Implant Scars: Healing, Timeline, and Recovery

One of the biggest questions for patients considering plastic surgery is whether there will be visible scarring afterward. 

This is true for patients considering breast augmentation. Picking a skilled surgeon and at-home care are the two most important aspects to consider if you’re worried about scarring after your surgery.

It’s important to remember that there will always be some visible scarring, but how noticeable scars are will depend on following the right healing protocol. The team at Turkle MD & Associates put together this quick guide to understanding breast implant scars, healing, and the timeline you can expect if you follow your aftercare instructions. 

How visible are breast implant scars?

If you follow the recommended aftercare, the scars will fade and become less visible over time. At Turkle MD & Associates, we provide you with the tools and instructions you need to ensure your scars heal correctly and that you don’t run the risk of keloid scarring.

We recommend our patients purchase the Skinprint Healing Serum and show them how to massage it on their scars to promote quicker healing. You should start this regimen right after your incisions heal and close.

It’s also important to make sure you come to all your follow-up appointments. Follow-ups are not only for your breast implant before and after photos but also give you time with Dr. Turkle and our clinic team to ask questions, check in on healing progress, and more.

How long until breast implant scars fade?

How quickly scars heal varies from person to person. At first, they will be raised and red in color. We stress the importance of rest and avoiding strenuous exercise for the first several weeks to make sure they close correctly. 

After about 2 to 3 months breast implant scars will fade from red to pink and 6 to 12 months they will be completely healed. After this, they will be very thin and faint.

Where are breast implant scars located?

The location of your scars will depend on the incision used in your surgery. There are 2 typical incisions for breast augmentations that Dr. Turkle uses.


This is the most common incision, located under the breast. It’s usually not very visible and can easily be covered with a bra or swimsuit top.


Done around the areola, this type of incision can hide the surgery scars very well in the pigmentation of the areola. 

More questions about breast implant scars, healing, or breast augmentation in general?

Reach out to the team at Turkle MD & Associates! We are here to support our patients from the first phone call to their final follow-up and beyond. Whether you have questions about the cost of breast implant surgery, how long implants last, or 

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