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Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery in Carmel

There are endless reasons someone might want to undergo breast augmentation surgery in Carmel. You may be unhappy with changes in the size and shape of the breasts due to factors such as pregnancy, age, stress levels, and genetics. Or you may simply want larger breasts! Either way, there is a solution: breast augmentation surgery in Carmel at Turkle & Associates. 

Turkle & Associates is one of the premier destinations in Carmel for plastic surgery, including breast augmentation. Dr. Janet Turkle is known as one of the top plastic surgeons in Indianapolis and Carmel, Indiana, and she and her team can’t wait to help you on your breast augmentation journey!

Breast augmentation surgery in Carmel: The basics

Simply put, breast augmentation is the process by which a surgeon enhances the size of the breasts using implants. Keep reading to learn about different surgical techniques, types of implants, the consultation process, and more!

The difference between breast augmentation surgery and breast implants

Many people use the terms “breast augmentation” and “breast implants” interchangeably. However, the two terms are slightly different. 

Breast augmentation surgery is the procedure which enables the surgeon to insert breast implants. Also called breast enhancement surgery, the procedure enhances the bust size based on the size of the implants. So, you can’t have one without the other.   

What does breast augmentation surgery in Carmel treat?

There are a variety of concerns breast augmentation treats, including:

  • Desire to enlarge naturally small breasts
  • Correction of disproportionate size of breast to body
  • Partial or total breast loss
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Breast augmentation can also be paired with a breast lift to help lift and support sagging breasts. During your initial consultation, you and your doctor will decide if a breast lift is necessary for your unique case. 

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation surgery in Carmel

Breast augmentation is accessible for virtually anyone over 18 years of age who wants to enhance the size and shape of their breasts! A great candidate will be in good health and will be able to accomodate the recovery period.

Types of implants

close up of a breast implant

Just like organic breast tissue, implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, firmness, and more! This variety allows you and your doctor to customize and find the best breast implant for your enhancement to meet your unique goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the breast implant types offered at Turkle & Associates.


  • Made with sterile saltwater, or saline solution, and encased with silicone
  • Saline has the same saltwater composition as the body, so it poses no health risk should it rupture
  • Inserted empty during the procedure and then filled with saline by the surgeon
  • FDA approved for use in patients age 18 and older 

Responsive Silicone Gel

  • Made with a thick, gel-like silicone with a silicone casing
  • Very natural feel, similar to that of organic breast tissue
  • FDA approved for use in patients age 22 and older 

Gummy Bear Cohesive Gel

There are a few silicone gel implant options. One specific brand has created a series called “gummy bear” implants. They come in a range from least gummy to most gummy. But what does gummy mean? Gummy is another word for cohesive. The more the silicone molecules adhere to one another, the more cohesive, or “gummy”, an implant is, and the more it holds its shape.

Cohesive implants (gummy bear) options are:

Round Responsive Cohesive Gel (Gummy)

This implant is the least cohesive and is therefore the least firm. 

SoftTouch Cohesive Gel (Gummier)

This is the middle option. The SoftTouch feels natural to the touch, hence the name. It provides a strong profile and holds its shape over time, and you can customize the fullness of the implant to suit your aesthetic goals! 

Cohesive Gel (Gummiest)

This cohesive gel device has a firmer character than the SoftTouch, and it achieves the most prominent profile.

What to expect from your initial breast augmentation surgery consultation

When you come in for your initial breast augmentation consultation, you and Dr. Turkle will go over your unique aesthetic goals. You will discuss a variety of factors, such as lifestyle, budget, and medical history, as well as what kind of breast profile you are looking for. 

Based on those considerations, Dr. Turkle will make recommendations on the type, style, and size of implants. You will be able to touch and hold potential implants to compare and contrast factors such as cohesivity, or firmness.

One of the unique benefits of coming to Turkle & Associates for your breast augmentation surgery in Carmel is that we employ Vectra 3D imaging at each consultation. This innovative device allows you to see a photo of yourself with your desired breast augmentation results before making any decisions about implant type or size.

From there, we will go over the procedure details and explain recovery requirements and discuss anticipated results. You should feel comfortable asking questions during your consultation, as Dr. Turkle is a leading provider and has a lot of expertise to offer. 

Procedure details

You and Dr. Turkle will review your aesthetic goals and she will go over the procedure details, including the incision. In general, Dr. Turkle has had excellent success over the years with minimizing scarring during breast augmentation surgery in Carmel. Typically, we use the following incision technique:

Under the breast (inframammary incision)

This technique makes an incision along the bottom of the breast, following the natural curve to disguise any scarring. 

This is a commonly used technique and is the preferred method at Turkle & Associates as it has the lowest rate of infection and boasts of several advantages, including: 

  • Allows the surgeon direct access to the site
  • Easy for the surgeon to manipulate the implant into the correct placement
  • Conceals scarring effectively
  • Allows for quick healing

Additionally, if the implants need to be replaced or removed, this same incision can be used several times.

Placement of implants

The breast is made of glandular and fatty tissues and rests atop the muscles of the chest called the pectoral muscles. Surgeons don’t insert breast implants into the actual tissue of the breast. Instead they place them in one of the following ways:

  • Over the muscle (subglandular)

For this placement, the implant goes directly under the tissue of the breast and sits atop the pectoral muscles. Depending on the amount of glandular tissue you already have, this placement provides very natural results. 

There is no unnatural breast movement due to muscle flexion, and the implant moves naturally with the organic tissue of the breast. However, if you are someone with very little natural breast tissue, there could be potential for greater visibility of implant edges. 

A disadvantage of this method is that it can interfere with mammogram reading, as it hides the natural tissue of the breast. Additionally, as the natural breasts begin to sag or droop over time, the implant will stay in the same place, resulting in what appears to be a bulge on the chest. 

  • Under the muscle (submuscular)

If you and your doctor decide on this approach, your doctor will make a pocket behind the pectoral muscles into which they will place the implants. Your doctor might recommend this placement option if you have less natural fatty tissue in the breast, thus reducing potential visibility. 

This placement provides optimal contouring as the natural shape of the breast sits atop the implant. A major benefit to this method is that it does not interfere with mammogram views.


Listen now to Dr. Turkle discuss breast augmentation at Turkle & Associates. 


Recovery and results

We will monitor you in our comfortable post-operative care room immediately following your breast augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, meaning we can release you into the care of a friend or family member just a few hours after your surgery.

For the first few days after a breast augmentation surgery in Carmel, patients report some pain around the incision site, and feeling fatigued and sore. Prior to leaving the clinic, your medical team will provide you with the appropriate pain medications and post-operative care instructions.

Within 3 to 5 days, most patients feel well enough to resume day to day activities, but you should refrain from lifting heavy objects and vigorous exercise to allow for proper healing.

You’ll be able to see immediate results, but over the course 4-6 weeks, the implants will settle into their pockets, and the incision will heal.

Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation surgery in Carmel

How long do breast implants last?

You can think of implants like a hip or knee replacement–it is likely that at some point you will need to replace them. However,  breast implants can last many years

Although rare, there is a slight chance of implant rupture. With a saline implant, a rupture will cause the implant to deflate, leaving an obvious asymmetry between the failed and intact implants.

Undergoing an MRI is the only way to detect a rupture in a silicone implant. The FDA recommends obtaining an MRI 5 years after silicone implantation in order to monitor the integrity of the devices. They also recommend follow-up MRIs every 2 to 3 years after that. 

Your breast implant manufacturers warranty covers the replacement of failed devices for a lifetime. Your surgeon will discuss potential risks in detail with you prior to the breast augmentation surgery.  

Do I have to replace my implants?

As long as your implants remain healthy and there are no related issues, there is no need to replace your implants. However, implant replacement is possible if the implant were to fail.

Can I have other plastic surgery procedures done during my breast augmentation?

Yes! We often combine procedures like a breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, and/or labiaplasty with breast augmentation (After pregnancy, this is called a Mommy Makeover.)

How long does the surgery last?

Typically, breast augmentation surgery in Carmel lasts less than an hour. However, that time may vary depending on if you include additional procedures.

Take the next step!

At Turkle & Associate, we are passionate about helping each of our patients enjoy the best and most beautiful version of themselves! Reach out to us today to schedule your first consultation. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about breast augmentation surgery in Carmel!


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